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Chronic Runny Nose Sufferers Find Relief

Can’t stop your nose from running? There may be a “cool” new fix.

A new, minimally invasive device called ClariFix® has been used in a procedure that gets to the root of chronic vasomotor rhinitis, or what’s often referred to as chronic runny nose.

Dr. Peter P. Kasznica, MD, has been specializing in the field of sinus and allergy for Midwest Ear, Nose & Throat since 2010 and has treated countless patients for a variety of nasal conditions. He says for those who are burdened with a constant runny nose, nasal congestion and post nasal drip, this new procedure is not only convenient, but it provides lasting improvement with little to no downtime. “It’s been proven to be successful and has many benefits in the treatment of runny noses,” says Dr. Kasznica.

Chronic runny nose is the result of out-of-balance nerves that are overloading signals to the nose, causing it to drip, run and swell. What ClariFix nasal cautery does is deliver cold temperatures to these nerves, causing an interruption. With a simple, hand-held device, ClarifFix delivers targeted cryotherapy to treat chronic runny nose. Placed endoscopically in the nose, a balloon then freezes targeted areas responsible for the frustrating nasal symptoms. Because it freezes the tissue, it also relieves inflammation. “Another benefit is that it’s an office procedure that requires only local or topical anesthesia and takes only a few minutes of cooling time,” he adds. “Essentially, one can eradicate a chronic runny nose over a lunch break.”

And so far, patients are seeing a marked improvement. Clinical trials found patients experienced more than a 50 percent reduction of symptoms in the first 30 days. “Both allergic and non-allergic patients are seeing relief in congestion and drainage,” says Dr. Kasznica. “To be able to offer this type of solution is another way to better enhance the quality of life for patients.”

Even though one might think carrying a tissue around is not a big deal, the reality is that proper nasal function affects much more than just a drip and sniff. Most patients who have undergone the procedure often feel more energized because they are able to breathe properly. From simple daily functions to running marathons and exercising, being able to intake oxygen is key to having energy. So, if you suffer from runny nose, nasal congestion or post nasal drip for an extended period, there is a solution to get your life back and put down the tissue box, and maybe even nasal sprays.

By Jennifer Dumke - Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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