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Advanced Sinus Relief to Offer Patients a More Comfortable Surgery and Recovery

PropelImagePropel sinus implants provide localized, controlled drug delivery directly to the sinus tissue. The Propel implant works by opening the sinus airway. It is a small coiled device that works to hold the airway open following a surgical procedure. Once inserted, the Propel stent slowly releases a steroid mometasone to reduce inflammation during the healing process of sinus surgery. This helps to maintain more consistently open sinuses and faster healing. The steroid is absorbed into the surrounding tissue and will be present for 90 days following placement. The stent itself will dissolve after two to four weeks.

Propel sinus implants are the first of a new category of sinus products offering localized, controlled drug delivery to the sinus tissues. The implant is gently inserted by a Midwest ENT & Allergy physician to maintain the surgical opening and gradually deliver an advanced corticosteroid with inflammatory properties directly to the sinus lining as the implant slowly dissolves.

How does Propel Work?


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