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And it’s only the beginning. Hearing aid manufacturers are just like any other form of technology; consistently trying to increase efficiency while providing a sleek, stylish device. Once known for being bulky, noticeable and often needing frequent adjustments and maintenance, today’s aids are smaller, trendier and require less work. But it’s not just about looks. These modern-age hearing aids come loaded with additional benefits such as apps that translate speech into text within seconds. Other companies tap into using laser light pulses that convert light into sound. Although these types of technology come at a price tag, even basic devices have become more streamlined and efficient while accommodating any budget.

“These improvements are having a significant impact on those who struggle with hearing loss. They have become more widely accepted and the advances in technology offer so many life-changing improvements,” says Froke. Because in the end, it’s about offering a way to live life to the fullest. “This newfound acceptance and reduced stigma enables the millions who suffer from hearing loss to lead an improved quality of life rather than suffer in silence.”

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