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Another key feature is comfort. Baker says patients find modern day hearing aids easy to wear because of their adaptability to various environments, such as water. “Some hearing aids feature a new Nano-coating that is water resistant, not water proof. But most of the time hearing aids can withstand water,” adds Baker.

But how about the effectiveness of hearing aids? Well, Baker weighs in that along with comfort and convenience by adding that elimination of background noise has significantly improved hearing clarity. But most important, patients who have worn hearing aids for a period often discover an improved quality of life. “People hear with their brain, not with their ears,” says Baker. “Patients find relief from hearing aids because they realize after a long period of time of hearing aid use that the brain is less exhausted from trying to hear all day, so there is an ease in listening and mental stamina.”

In the end, most find that life with a hearing aid is very much improved because they can maintain independence, feel actively engaged and confident to enjoy the flow of conversations and be aware of their surroundings.

Author: Jennifer Dumke
Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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