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HotButton-sleepNearly one in ten adults in the United States suffers from sleep issues. Insomnia is a sleep disorder defined by both night-time and day-time symptoms. These symptoms include problems falling asleep and staying asleep, non-restorative sleep, a decreased sense of well being, fatigue, decline in concentration and memory, etc. Another sleep issue – called sleep apnea – blocks the upper airway during sleep and causes breathing issues and snoring that leave you tired after a full night's rest.

The Sleep Center of the Midwest will help determine which factors are causing insomnia or sleep apnea. Our on-site sleep lab allows patients the convenience of getting all their testing and treatment in one location. The physicians at Midwest Ear, Nose & Throat will conduct a sleep study, review the results with the patient and consider treatment options.

Call for your appointment today and discover better sleep for you or your loved one.

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