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The world’s only hearing lens now offered at Midwest ENT & ALLERGY

EarlensAudiologist Bob Froke talks to lots of patients at Midwest ENT & ALLERGY about why Earlens is more than an ordinary hearing aid. But it’s more than just his training and knowledge of the device that gives him confidence in the product. He wears one himself.

Developed in 2017, Earlens is an FDA-approved hearing device that is not an implant, nor a conventional hearing aid, but rather a a hearing lens. This lens-based technology addresses the need for better sound. While most hearing aids amplify mid tones, they are less effective with the highs and lows, making sound flat and dull and making it hard to follow conversations in a crowd. Earlens uses a tiny custom lens that rests next to the eardrum and directly vibrates the eardrum, so no speaker is needed. Users experience 2.5X the sound range versus the conventional hearing aid.

Unique to Earlens is that it is made up of three components: a processor, an ear tip and a lens. The three work in conjunction with each other. Earlens is only available from an ENT practice, so patients who choose it have two-fold medical expertise as an audiologist and an ENT physician work together to properly customize the device from fitting to programming.

“As an audiologist, I have been working with and observing Earlens patients for nearly a year, and they continue to sing praises for their new device and how well they are now hearing,” said Froke. “I lost my hearing seven and a half years ago because of a virus and have now worn a hearing aid for seven years. The longer I dispensed the device, the more curious I became. I wanted to see its efficacy for myself. Maybe it would work for me, too.”

In August, Froke was fitted with Earlens. Today he says he couldn’t be more pleased with his hearing device.

“The most significant difference for me is how Earlens delivers sound to my ear. It provides so much clarity. And the biggest bonus is that it manages my tinnitus, making it quiet,” he said. “I am delighted with the results.”

Also important to Froke has been the follow-up and customer support Earlens offers his patients. Excellent patient support and service is highly important to Froke and the other audiologists at Midwest ENT & ALLERGY. We work to solve any hearing aid issues quickly for our patients, and working together with Earlens has been helpful in that regard.

Billed as the latest and greatest, Earlens was one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 inventions in 2020. Midwest ENT & ALLERGY is thrilled to be the exclusive Earlens provider for Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

Froke recommends that anyone who wants to learn more about Earlens should schedule an appointment at Midwest ENT & ALLERGY. “Contact the clinic and arrange for a complimentary evaluation to see if you are a candidate for Earlens. You won’t believe the difference it can make.”

By: Virginia Olson - Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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