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One patient’s health journey in overcoming chronic sinus infections

For as long as she can remember, Erica Williams suffered from sinus problems. It was more than a pesky condition. “Not only did I have chronic sinus infections, I suffered from eczema, headaches, itchy eyes, congestion, a runny nose, sinus pain and pressure as well as chronic fatigue.”

She thought it was allergies, but all the tests proved negative. With no change in her condition, she underwent her first sinus surgery in 2015. She also moved to Colorado and, for a few years, seemed fine.

“Unfortunately, when I moved back to SD in August of 2020, it was like hitting a wall! All my allergies flared up, and I was more than miserable. I wasn’t sleeping and even developed sleep apnea which left me gasping for air. That is when I had enough.”

Dr K RGBA co-worker recommended Erica see Dr. Peter Kasznica at Midwest ENT & ALLERGY.

Dr. K, as his patients call him, has been practicing at Midwest ENT & ALLERGY since 2010, when he moved here from the East Coast. He sees patients for everything ear, nose and throat related, however, has special interest in sinus and allergy treatment. He has completed additional training and certification in allergy and holds a Fellowship with the AAOA. He is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of all sinus disease and his patients rave about him!

“Dr. Kasznica was the first specialist to really listen and told me “you DO have allergies, but it is not something on the traditional allergy test panel. We would normally give you allergy shots as a solution to your problem, but since we cannot pinpoint the allergen there are a few other options.’”

Erica and Dr. Kasznica discussed surgery, including revision sinus surgery, along with a nasal valve procedure, and ultimately decided on this combination to best meet her needs.

The 34-year-old had sinus surgery April 30, 2021 and says “her life couldn’t be more different.”

“In Erica’s case, she was struggling to breathe and sleep and she was not enjoying the quality of life a young woman should have. We decided on the surgical approach to ensure maximum results. We were thrilled with the success of her surgery and we are very happy she is back to feeling 100 percent,” says Dr. K.

“I can sleep now, breathe clearly, my headaches have been reduced, my ear pain is gone, and my sinus pain and pressure have disappeared,” she says. “People ask me all the time if this sinus surgery was worth it? “I always say, ‘yes’ especially when you have a surgeon like Dr. Kasznica who truly cares, gets to the root of your problems and provides lasting solutions.”

By Virginia Olson - Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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