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Can cognitive function be hindered because of hearing loss? A new technology is helping provide some answers. Cognivue is the world's first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function.

pexels mikhail nilov 8307717Can cognitive function be hindered because of hearing loss? It's a relevant question that audiologists and doctors have long been asking themselves as they treat individuals who are coping with hearing loss. 

A new technology is helping them get some answers. Cognivue® is the world's first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function. This self-administered, 10-minute cognitive performance screening tool is now being used at Midwest ENT & Allergy. 

"It is not a hearing test and it doesn't measure how smart you are," says Midwest ENT & Allergy Doctor of Audiology, Holly Ralston. "Rather, it is a screening tool that gives patients peace of mind to know where they stand cognitively. We know there is a link between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. Now we have a simple screening measure to address and identify the effects of cognitive decline at an earlier stage.” 

"Cognivue technology objectively, quantitatively and reliably identifies changes of cognitive function. These changes give us a better understanding of what a patient's needs are and eliminates uncertainty about their cognitive function. It also helps guide decision making as it relates to how hearing technologies and other accessories are programmed." 

"Our patients can do a five to ten-minute Cognivue screening at his or her initial appointment and then after treating the hearing loss, we can retest a few months later to see which areas of cognitive function have improved," says Ralston. The screening is definitely not something to be intimidated by or be scared of, she adds. The results can help you feel confident with the knowledge to take control of cognitive health.

The Cognivue screening is for new and established patients at Midwest ENT & Allergy. The technology is helpful for anyone who suspects hearing loss, and even those who are already fit with technology like hearing aids, Earlens® or cochlear implants.  

The FDA estimates that nearly 30 million adults could potentially benefit from hearing device use, but only one-fifth of people with hearing problems seek treatment.  

"For many, it is tough enough coming to terms with hearing difficulty," says Ralston. "Our hope is that by educating patients, they will feel more confident moving forward with their treatment plan.  Knowledge is empowering." 

"Midwest ENT & Allergy is excited to be able to now offer Cognivue to all its new and established patients,” says Ralston. Call to schedule your consultation today.

by Virginia Olson – Sioux Falls Woman Magazine



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