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Earlens is an exciting innovation to treating hearing loss. Bob Froke, audiologist at Midwest ENT & Allergy, believes it is a truly dynamic product. He has become a big fan of Earlens. Why so? Froke has had his own Earlens for 18 months and says he will never go back to any other hearing device. 

Bob Vikings pic photo“You shouldn’t have to think about your hearing,” said Froke. “The technology of Earlens makes that possible. Earlens wearers experience better speech clarity with less listening effort in a noisy environment.”

Earlens technology consists of a rechargeable processor, custom ear tip and custom lens. It features directional microphones that adapt to different listening environments. And then there is the Bluetooth, streaming, noise reduction, feedback cancellation and five customizable programs.

More than the technology
Besides the incredible technology, there is another reason why Froke loves his Earlens. He gives us a review of the past 18 months with this revolutionary hearing system, voted Top 3 on Time Magazine’s top 100 list of inventions for 2020!

“Listening to music has become an enjoyable experience,” says Froke. “Music is clear and more enjoyable because it provides two and a half times broader broadband width than conventional hearing aids, so I appreciate all the subtleties of the notes that were not audible to me before because of my hearing loss. It’s just such a richer experience.”

As important as Earlens has become to perform his job as an audiologist and daily tasks, Froke finds his Earlens also enhances his most meaningful connections.

“I don’t ever feel so mentally exhausted at the end of the day from having to concentrate so hard to understand what is being said around me. It is just so much easier to flow with conversations, and I feel more confident that I am hearing and responding appropriately throughout conversations.”

Having Earlens himself allows Froke to give his hearing loss patients a first hand account of how they work and how it will enhance their lives in a positive way.

“Without a doubt, my Earlens truly has improved my overall health and wellness.”

How it works

To appreciate Earlens technology, you must know how it works.

The Earlens is set behind the ear and features microphones, a digital signal processor, a transmitter and a rechargeable battery. It receives and converts sound into an enhanced electromagnetic signal which moves from the processor to the ear tip to the lens, floating in contact with the patient’s eardrum. The lens then converts the electromagnetic signal into a gentle vibration the wearer perceives as enhanced high fidelity.

Earlens is custom fit for each user. A Midwest ENT & Allergy physician places a lens in the eardrum and adjusts the placement. This is all done as an in-office procedure. The physician and audiologist work together to provide 5 star service for their Earlens patients.

And unlike traditional hearing aids, Earlens works with a patient’s natural hearing system by gently vibrating the eardrum via a tiny, custom-built lens. And there is no whistling feedback that often comes with conventional hearing aids.

“It uses the technology of Apple and can be paired with Apple devices,” Froke added.

Experiencing hearing loss? Call Midwest ENT & Allergy to schedule a consultation and see if Earlens is right for you.

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