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Free hearing screenings in December


pexels nicole michalou 5775049The holidays are upon us and it’s always an exciting time to get together with friends and family. However, whether it's dinner around the table, playing board games, or carolers at your door, large holiday gatherings are a challenge for people with hearing loss. Missing words, not hearing complete sentences because of background noise, or not being able to distinguish ambient sounds can take the fun out of any party. And if you can’t hear well, there is no good place to sit, stand or converse. 
Hearing loss affects one in eight people and approximately 37.5 million American adults,  according to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. 
Knowing that hearing is a problem for 15% of the adult population, Midwest ENT & Allergy is offering the gift of a free hearing screening in December for anyone ages 18 and up. Their trustworthy and expert team of audiologists will evaluate your hearing and recommend a plan that is right for you or your loved one. Guests will also receive a free hearing aid evaluation if needed. Simply call them for an appointment and mention this article to receive your free screening! No strings attached!
If hearing loss is discovered, Midwest ENT & Allergy has all the latest technology to make better hearing a reality! They carry a full line of hearing treatment options at a variety of financial levels. One of the newest and most innovative hearing solutions on the market now is Earlens! 
Earlens is a truly novel technology, offering a big leap in sound quality. This lens-based technology was developed in 2017. The FDA-approved device is made up of three parts: a processor, which rests on the outer ear and captures sound; a customized ear tip, which converts the sound and then sends a signal to the customized hearing lens. This lens is placed by a trained otolaryngologist deep inside the ear canal near the eardrum, which then vibrates the eardrum, naturally activating the hearing mechanism. 
Exclusively available in South Dakota at Midwest ENT & Allergy, Earlens offers almost three times the pitch range of a conventional hearing aid. It also has no speaker, provides better sound clarity, and filters background noise. Music and phone calls sound better as well as hearing and understanding others. 
Don’t miss out! This holiday season, treat yourself to the gift of better hearing! You will be so happy that you did, and your family will love that you can hear them again! 

This free hearing screening offer is good for an initial free screening with an audiologist. Physician referrals and diagnostic audiograms are not covered under this offer. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, service or benefit. Must be 18 years or older to participate. 





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