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Spotlight story on our Midwest Ear, Nose & Throat administrator, Lisa Bendt and the LSS Mentoring program!

LisaMentoringPhoto, mentor, LSS Mentoring Services matches volunteer mentors with students in 11 Sioux Falls area school districts. Their mission is to empower youth to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers. LSS recruits, screens, trains and supports volunteer mentors who meet with one student one hour per week during the day at school. It has been found that mentors have a significant impact on youth when providing guidance and developing consistent, long-term friendships.

Lisa heard about the program through a professional peer who was volunteering with LSS. In listening to her share her story of mentoring over the years, she quickly realized the impact she was making in a child's life, just being that one person the child could always count on and talk to. The one hour commitment of volunteering each week seemed very attainable, and what a great way to give back to the community! Lisa was connected with LSS and from there the process began!  

"I have been mentoring a sweet, sweet girl by the name of Courtney these past 3 years! We tend to spend our time just talking, playing board games, or doing arts and crafts. This year she started middle school so it's been fun to watch her transition into her new environment," said Lisa. "Each time I meet with Courtney, I walk away with a new perspective and outlook on my day. It's been amazing to see her grow and open up over the last couple of years! She is a blessing in my life and I always look forward to seeing her each week!"

Last month Lisa and Courtney were talking about Christmas and any gifts she was hoping to receive. Courtney shared a couple of items and then said, "And know, a girl can never have too many shoes!" "A girl after my own heart! Everyone should mentor at some point in their life! What you receive is so much more than you give!"

What a great story of an inspirational and meaningful bond between two awesome girls! Thanks for sharing this story with us, Lisa!

For more information on becoming a mentor, click here: or you can contact LSS at 605-444-7500.

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