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You have tried rinses, taken medications, avoided irritants and yet chronic sinus pain continues to wreak havoc on your life. What's next... surgery?

The thought may seem daunting but thanks to new, less invasive techniques, in-office procedures to treat chronic sinusitis are offering relief without going having to go under the knife.

At Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat, Board Certified Otolaryngologists Dr. Kasznica and Dr. Tamura have teamed up to bring this revolutionary technology to local patients. "Our in-office sinus procedure involves opening the sinuses with mechanized and balloon-assisted techniques," they say. Referred to as balloon sinuplasty, this safe and effective endoscopic sinus procedure requires no cutting of the nasal bone or tissue, making recovery time significantly faster. It also allows patients to undergo sinuplasty in an office setting using mild sedation and local anesthesia.

How it works is relatively simple and similar to angioplasty. Using high definition monitors and cameras, the affected area is first treated with a topical anesthesia before a balloon is inserted into the obstructed sinus opening. Upon dilation, the inflated balloon opens the cavity allowing airflow to relieve pressure and pain. The patient remains awake throughout the procedure and often times may return to work the next day.

There is a select group of patients who will benefit from this type of procedure. At this point in time, in-office procedures have been performed successfully throughout the county. We are excited to be offering this new treatment option here at Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat. We anticipate great potential for growth of in-office procedures and expanded applications in nasal surgery."

If you are suffering from chronic sinus pain, have tried other treatments and are looking for a minimally invasive solution with relatively little down-time, balloon sinuplasty may be right for you. Be sure to consult with a professional physician to get started on the road to relief.

Sioux Falls Woman Magazine
Written by: Jennifer Dumke
December, 2016

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