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Advanced Technology Offers New Relief for Chronic Sinus Sufferers

For the millions of adults who suffer chronic sinus pain, current treatment plans can be a vicious cycle of oral antibiotics, steroids and sometimes even surgery.

pexels-photo-287240But emerging technology is now offering an alternative to traditional treatments. It’s called Sinuva and it’s currently being used to treat chronic sinus patients at Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat. Paul A. Cink, MD, FACS has been specializing in ear, nose and throat including sinus disease for nearly 30 years and is optimistic with its results. “These patients are the first generation of sinus implants for local drug delivery,” adds Dr. Cink. “And Midwest ENT is one of the first of 10 implanters in the United States so we are very excited to offer this type of treatment to the community.”

But just how does this miracle treatment work? Sinuva is an implant that reduces polyps and nasal congestion and obstruction through a dual approach. First, it opens the sinus cavity and then delivers targeted anti-inflammatory medicine straight to the nasal polyps. Over time, Sinuva continues to release for up to 90 days, providing months of relief.

The simplicity of the Sinuva implant is that it can easily be placed during a regular office visit. After a numbing of the nose prior to implanting, most patients are ready to return to their regular daily activities without any recovery time. Dr. Cink also adds that “with medication impregnated into the polymer with the device, it will regularly administer medications over a 3-6 month period without the patient having to do daily medications. Therefore, we don’t have to depend on the compliance of the patient taking the drugs correctly.”

And when it comes to removal, the device often expels itself. Sinuva is made from agents that slowly soften over time. This, paired with a decreased polyp size, means that the implant is easily removed.

“And this is just the beginning,” adds Dr. Cink. “I believe we have finally found a solution to treating chronic recurrent sinus infections and polyposis.” For years, bioengineers have been looking for a way to place medication directly to the sinuses that will offer treatment and avoid common side effects such as weight gain, tolerance and bone and tissues problems brought on through current treatments.

As technology continues to advance, Dr. Cink adds that more patients are being treated effectively without needing recurrent systemic drugs or multiple surgeries thanks to this emerging treatment option. “I believe the future is very bright for sufferers of chronic sinus disease with the addition of these sinus implants for local drug delivery.”

By Jennifer Dumke | Sioux Falls Woman

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